Monday, October 19, 2009

if she got really quiet and listened, new parts of her wanted to speak...


an idea for a new creative dream just came to me.

but it's so huge that i feel like it's going to swallow me right now.

holy mackerel.

a women's creativity retreat house AND day spa.

or maybe just a women's creativity retreat house where i do mk facials, we have a sauna, pool, and hot tub, and we just hire a massage therapist to come in once in a while...

my husband could help build it.

a rural location on keuka or cayuga or seneca lake... (the finger lakes)

room for up to 75...

a meeting room (or a couple)

a kitchen

beautiful cabins overlooking the lake

ohhhh it's coming into view...i need to start imaging this right away.

more later...


1 comment:

  1. love it....i have often thought this would be a fabulous idea...having a seperate house for the family...oh and don't forget the amazing gardens and tranquility pools!