Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gratitude from 7/25/14 forward

“Gratitude makes you a better, stronger, wiser person. Ingratitude makes you a negative, angry, miserable person. Which person do you choose to be?” ~ Comic Strip Mama

“Find gratitude in the little things and your well of gratitude will never run dry.” ~ Antonia Montoya

“We have so much for what to be grateful and if we thank for it, we will have even much more.” ~ Victoria Vorel

"Keep a gratitude list." ~ Steve Maraboli

“Of course gratitude should be expressed...But that does not mean to kill your self-esteem.” ~ Deepika Muthusamy

“Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies.” ~ Charles W. Jefferson

Friday/Saturday I was grate*full...

1. that the Mets won last night (Friday).
2. that John cut Marc's hair and it looks so handsome!
3. for open-mouthed super-slobbery Rachael Evalyn Courtney Shook kisses.
4. that the Skype interview went well yesterday.
5. for how cute Rachael looks in her little swimsuit.
6. for the anticipation of a fun day spent with good friends.
7. that the weather seems to be cooperating.
8. for the people that kept me updated on the game via Twitter.
9. that we were able to brush Melanie's hair this morning with very few tears.
10. how handsome John in his An Evening of Song t-shirt.

Today I am grate*full (and I owe have I gotten so far behind?!)...
1. for Rachie snuggles.
2. for not having a job to go to so I can take time to recover from being sick.
3. for the interview I have on Monday.
4. for Monica and Lethia helping me with the kids in the store tonight.
5. for them coming over tomorrow to watch them while I work.
6. that the Mets won 11-2 today over the Phillies.
7. that I'm starting to feel better.
8. that I was able to get my Prilosec
9. and I was able to get gas for my car.
10. for ice cream.
11. for clean water to drink.
12. for a life free from religious persecution.
13. for the services offered at Workforce NY.
14. for Edna, who knows why.
15. for a solution to a problem that we came up with yesterday.
16. for finding a lost article.
17. for FlyLady.
18. for Maria, the secretary at my daughter's school.
19. for my to-do list.
20. for my husband, to whom I do not give nearly enough credit.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/24/14

“Those who really can receive bread from a stranger and smile in gratitude, can feed many without even realizing it. Those who can sit in silence with their fellow man not knowing what to say but knowing that they should be there, can bring new life in a dying heart. Those who are not afraid to hold a hand in gratitude, to shed tears in grief, and to let a sigh of distress arise straight from the heart, can break through paralyzing boundaries and witness the birth of a new fellowship, the fellowship of the broken.” ~ Henri Nouwen

Today I am grate*full...
1. for cooler weather. Cooler weather means cooler heads and cooler heads prevail.
2. for Rachael smiles.
3. for amazing Rachael snuggles last night.
4. for the date night-ish dinner that John and I got to have last night with our loganberry wine from Knapp Vineyards.
5. that the Mets won yesterday.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/23/14

“Gratitude begins in our hearts and then dovetails into behavior. It almost always makes you willing to be of service, which is where the joy resides. It means that you are willing to stop being such a jerk. When you are aware of all that has been given to you, in your lifetime and the past few days, it is hard not to be humbled, and pleased to give back.” ~ Anne LaMott

Today I am grate*full...

1. For great feedback from my oDesk job.
2. That I got a canvas for a Secretary I position in Chemung County.
3. That Melanie got a good report at the dentist.
4. That the hygienist said that she "was a pleasure to work with."
5. That we got Marc a dental appointment.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gratitudes 7/21-7/22/14

“To receive, you must be active. Keep in mind your purpose. You will receive in direct proportion to your clarity of vision, your definiteness of purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.” ~ John-Roger

“Grace begins with gratitude, and the thankful heart flows abundantly while the spirit soars.” ~ Rita Said

Today I am grate*full...

1. that I'm getting to go to my knitting group again.
2. that I don't have to be pregnant again.
3. for the hilarity that ensued last night.
4. for fans. It's sooooooo hot today.
5. for Marc kisses.
6. for Dwayne Johnson. OMG that dude is hot.
7. for Valerian root.
8. for the TV in our bedroom.
9. that my work for Corning-Painted Post is now complete. Officially.
10. for my oDesk job.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gratitudes 7/20/14

"Everyday gratitude sweetens what appears flavorless and brightens all that appears dim." ~ Amy Leigh Mercree

Today I am grate*full...

1. for the ability to type with my fingers crossed as I watch the Mets play a close game.
2. for naps.
3. for the $20 donation that Everybody Can Play got today.
4. for a husband that lets me nap after a stressful morning.
5. for the progress I'm making on my homework.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gratitudes 7/17, 7/18, and 7/19/14

"Gratitude makes blessings permanent." ~ Raheel Farooq

“When we saw a destitute-looking man trying to sell worn flip-flops, I vowed never to complain about a job again. When I considered the steady paycheck and quality of life it provided, my past gripes - primarily boring meetings, back-biting office politics and pantyhose - were just whining.” ~ Kristine K. Stevens

"Gratitude is the experience of our true self." ~ Gina Lakes

Today I am grate*full...
1. for the music at the Farmers' Market Thursday.
2. that I got to see many friends, including Casey and Jordan, Juan, Judy, Susan, and Xavier, and Danielle and Ady.
3. that my vacation accrual check was more take-home than I thought it would be, enabling us to pay our cable bill (which includes internet, which I need to do my oDesk job), and get Marc his big-boy underpants.
4. that the raffle tickets are all cut apart and ready for distribution.
5. that I got to go to my knitting group yesterday.
6. for Marc quotes of the day.
7. that, for today, my family and I are together and safe.
8. that John helped me cut apart raffle tickets last night.
9. that I was able to get my cotton yarn out with relatively little problems.
10. that I have a pattern where I don't need a bunch of extra yarn to make dishcloths.
11. for the couple that gave their waitress $20 toward our bill at Pietro's last night, because our kids were "so well behaved".
12. for the man that took their place at that table and was super nice to the kids and us.
13. that we got to see Lethia.
14. that Monica is over here today.
15. for an additional day to work the oDesk job.
16. for the Bible quote my friend Jackie shared on Facebook this morning.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gratitudes 7/16/14

“As we learn to give thanks for all of life and death, for all of this given world of ours, we find a deep joy. It is the joy of trust, the joy of faith in the faithfulness at the heart of all things. It is the joy of gratefulness in touch with the fullness of life.” ~ David Steindl-Rast

Today I am grate*full....
1. that we were able to get Marc some of the milk he needs (he's lactose intolerant and needs Lactaid).
2. that we got farmer's market coupons at WIC today.
3. for watching Harry Potter with my girl.
4. for the extended playdate the kids got with Ezra and dinner with Jen.
5. for positive feedback from my freelance job.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gratitudes 7/15/14

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today I am grate*full...
1. for my oDesk job.
2. for my unemployment payment.
3. for the stinkface. (for those who haven't read before, the stinkface is a funny face that Rachael makes)
4. for my little house.
5. for my electric and natural gas.
6. for my cable and internet.
7. that Marc is getting so good at peeing on the potty. We need to check him and see how he does with pants today.
8. for my friends who have birthdays today, but mostly for my friend Brandy, who has been my friend since kindergarten! I still remember her calling our teacher and saying, "Mr. Marks!" (even though she was a Mrs.)


Monday, July 14, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/14/14

Happy Bastille day friends!

"My prayer is an attitude of pure gratitude for having the opportunity to experience life on this earth with all its pain, heartache, worry, and turmoil; coupled with this gratitude is the thankfulness for just having the opportunity to have lived. That is fairly easy on good days but difficult when life puts rocks and boulders in the road.” ~ David W. Earle

Today I am grate*full...
1. That I was able to help my father-in-law with some stuff he needed help with.
2. That Marc is peeing on the potty!
3. That the Pregnancy Resource Center has some Pull-Ups for us.
4. that I found the other Juicy Living Card.
5. for the roof overhead.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/13/14

"Gratitude is the heart's first language." ~ Joey Garcia

Today I am grate*full...

1. that we seemed to have turned a corner with my son's potty training. He went pee on the potty three times today, two of them without being prompted.

2. for this face Rachael makes that we call the "stinkyface." She scrunches up her nose and huffs a few times. It's hilarious.

3. that my FIL bought food for our dinner.

4. for an unexpected visit from our step-granddaughter Kristina.

5. for the Potterhead Weekend on ABC Family.

6. that the Mets won another game!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gratitudes 7/12/14

“Sometimes, we wait on God for special things to happen extraordinarily in our lives before we understand that "God is working". Meanwhile, there are "super-special" things that fill our life barrels in minute drops, but they go unappreciated!” ~Israelmore Ayivor

Today I am grate*full...

1. for the amazing moment I had with my son after I had to put him in time-out. He had been messing with a lamp and I had asked him twice to stop. I put him in time-out (a chair facing the corner) for three minutes, and then when he got up before the time-out was over, I added another minute. When his time-out was up, he came to me completely apologetic for what he had done. He cried and told me, "Mommy, I so sorry I touch that lamp." It turned into an incredibly tender moment between us with lots of hugging and snuggling, and me telling him I loved him very much, and felt like a huge parenting win. I don't get many of those, so I'm so grate*full for it.

2. that we got to watch my friend Niki's kids, Hannah and Lily, today.

3. for the donation we got to the Everybody Can Play Music Collective today from my friend Rebecca. Three composition notebooks and $21 to purchase lesson books for three students!

4. that the Mets pulled out a dramatic come-from-behind victory against the Marlins, tying the game twice and going ahead for the first - and last - time in the bottom of the 8th. Beautiful game!

5. For the amazing response of my friends to a post yesterday that I put up on Facebook.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/11/14

“Amazement + Gratitude + Openness + Appreciation = an irresistible field of energy” ~ Frederick Dodson

Today I am grate*full...
1. that I saw my friend Jacob, aka Frito, at Wegman's last night.
2. for the drive-through pharmacy at Rite-Aid.
3. that the Samaritan Center had size six diapers.
4. for my potential oDesk job.
5. for the nice people at the Samaritan Center this morning that gave the kids Twinkies and candy when we went there for food.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/9/14 and 7/10/14

“Those who really can receive bread from a stranger and smile in gratitude, can feed many without even realizing it. Those who can sit in silence with their fellow man not knowing what to say but knowing that they should be there, can bring new life in a dying heart. Those who are not afraid to hold a hand in gratitude, to shed tears in grief, and to let a sigh of distress arise straight from the heart, can break through paralyzing boundaries and witness the birth of a new fellowship, the fellowship of the broken.” ~ Henri Nouwen

“Work filled with inspiration is worship.
A heart filled with courage is unbreakable.
A life filled with gratitude is fulfilled.” ~ GG Renee Hill

Today I am grate*full...(and I need 10)
1. for Nutella and jelly sandwiches. We ran out of bread yesterday and I didn't get to have any.
2. for coffee. A second cup is warranted this morning, but after I get a shower.
3. for the ability to begin again.
4. to have known my father's best friend Al Topping and to have exchanged Christmas cards with him the past few years. I found out yesterday that he passed away on July 3.
5. for OTC meds that deal with some of the symptoms I have.
6. for clean water to drink.
7. for a printer at home.
8. for plenty of printer paper.
9. for my dear and loving husband who runs to the store for me for milk and bread, and who makes me Nutella and jelly sandwiches when he would rather be doing something else.
10. for the game of peek-a-boo Rachael played with me this morning.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gratitude 7/8/14

“Receiving, gratitude, and generosity all grow together.” ~ Mark V. Ewert

Today I am grate*full...
1. for Marc. He makes me laugh every day.
2. for extra time to spend with the kids.
3. for a productive board meeting last night. Just when I think I don't know what to do with this nonprofit, something happens that spurs action.
4. for fans.
5. for silver linings.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/6 and 7/7/14

Sorry, guys, I wrote gratitudes for yesterday but didn't end up posting them. Dropped the ball in so many ways yesterday. Trying to pick them back up and start juggling again.

"An attitude of gratitude increases abundance and diminishes fear." ~ Jeffrey Fry.

"I started a Thank You club. You're welcome." ~ Jarod Kintz

Today I am grate*full...

1. for our home. I do love our little house.
2. for the sound of my son Marc singing the Alphabet Song and getting it allllllllll wrong. It was so sweet and cute and funny.
3. for this face that my daughter Rachael makes.
4. for the active imagination of my daughter Melanie.
5. for my dear and loving husband John who takes his elderly father to appointments, cooks, cleans, does the laundry, and takes out the trash around here. He's super-dad!
6. for the very thoughtful response I got to an online job application.
7. for a funny thing that literally just happened. John sat down with a drink of water in his hand. Marc comes up and says, "Can I have a sip?" (This is the only way we can get this child to drink water so we usually indulge him.) John says, "There's only about a swallow left. I was going to drink it myself." I said, "You?! Drink your own drink?! That's MADNESS!" Marc starts laughing hysterically, comes and gives me a high five and says, "That was awesome, Mommy!" (He's three.)
8. that my friend Katie's daughter Lola is one year old today! Happy birthday Lolabean!
9. that our first board meeting for Everybody Can Play is tonight.
10. for my gratitude practice. This whole being unemployed thing could drive me right into bed for days, but for this practice, my journaling, and my praying.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/5/14

"Gratitude is a way of creativity." ~ Nadia Bandura

Today I am grate*full...
1. for clarity.
2. for collaboration.
3. that Rachael Evalyn Courtney Shook got a bath.
4. that everyone got breakfast in a timely manner.
5. and for the love of God, for coffee. I may need a second cup this morning, I haven't decided yet.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Gratitudes 7/4/2014

Happy happy birthday America!!!!!!!!!!!

“Having unceasingly grateful life requires demonstrating gratitude daily whether our daily life treats us kindly or not.” ~ Assegid Habtewold

Today I am grate*full...
1. that I live where I do. I really do love being an American.
2. for this ability to be home with the kids for a while. I love seeing them play together.
3. that my unemployment has enabled us to help my father-in-law get to these infusion appointments.
4. that my husband turns on my Joey Show DVDs for me at night.
5. for coffee with my father-in-law this morning.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/3/14

“I try hard to hold fast to the truth that a full and thankful heart cannot entertain great conceits. When brimming with gratitude, one’s heartbeat must surely result in outgoing love, the finest emotion we can ever know.” ~ Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Today I am grate*full...

1. for flexibility.
2. that the by-laws for the nonprofit are finished, except for a few tweaks.
3. for the SBA website for its help in writing business plans.
4. for fans. I'm sitting between two of them right now and the air feels glorious.
5. for Rachie smiles.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/2/14

“Being in the habit of saying "Thank you," of making sure that people receive attention so they know you value them, of not presuming that people will always be there--this is a good habit, regardless...make sure to give virtual and actual high-fives to those who rock and rock hard.” ~ Sarah Wendell

Today I am grate*full...
1. for fans.
2. for a vehicle with AC that works.
3. for how the kids make me laugh.
4. for the e-mail I got from Margaret.
5. for my probiotic supplements. I have a ginormous canker sore on my tongue and those really help.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gratitudes for 7/1/14

“How would your life be different began each day by thanking someone who has helped you? Let today be the day...You make it a point to show your gratitude to others. Send a letter or card, make a call, send a text or email, tell them in whatever you have to do to let them know you appreciate them.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Today I am grate*full...
1. that my job interview went well.
2. that Marc Everett Thomas Shook kept calling the chicken "chicken brains" and it was funny.
3. for our SNAP benefits.
4. that I got my prescriptions and my appointment with Barb rescheduled.
5. that Melanie Jane Shook is such a good helper. Oftentimes, we don't give her enough credit for all the help she gives us, and she can be a queen of complaining and whining, but she does give us a lot of help and I'm grate*full for that.