Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gratitudes 7/17, 7/18, and 7/19/14

"Gratitude makes blessings permanent." ~ Raheel Farooq

“When we saw a destitute-looking man trying to sell worn flip-flops, I vowed never to complain about a job again. When I considered the steady paycheck and quality of life it provided, my past gripes - primarily boring meetings, back-biting office politics and pantyhose - were just whining.” ~ Kristine K. Stevens

"Gratitude is the experience of our true self." ~ Gina Lakes

Today I am grate*full...
1. for the music at the Farmers' Market Thursday.
2. that I got to see many friends, including Casey and Jordan, Juan, Judy, Susan, and Xavier, and Danielle and Ady.
3. that my vacation accrual check was more take-home than I thought it would be, enabling us to pay our cable bill (which includes internet, which I need to do my oDesk job), and get Marc his big-boy underpants.
4. that the raffle tickets are all cut apart and ready for distribution.
5. that I got to go to my knitting group yesterday.
6. for Marc quotes of the day.
7. that, for today, my family and I are together and safe.
8. that John helped me cut apart raffle tickets last night.
9. that I was able to get my cotton yarn out with relatively little problems.
10. that I have a pattern where I don't need a bunch of extra yarn to make dishcloths.
11. for the couple that gave their waitress $20 toward our bill at Pietro's last night, because our kids were "so well behaved".
12. for the man that took their place at that table and was super nice to the kids and us.
13. that we got to see Lethia.
14. that Monica is over here today.
15. for an additional day to work the oDesk job.
16. for the Bible quote my friend Jackie shared on Facebook this morning.


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