Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gratitudes 7/12/14

“Sometimes, we wait on God for special things to happen extraordinarily in our lives before we understand that "God is working". Meanwhile, there are "super-special" things that fill our life barrels in minute drops, but they go unappreciated!” ~Israelmore Ayivor

Today I am grate*full...

1. for the amazing moment I had with my son after I had to put him in time-out. He had been messing with a lamp and I had asked him twice to stop. I put him in time-out (a chair facing the corner) for three minutes, and then when he got up before the time-out was over, I added another minute. When his time-out was up, he came to me completely apologetic for what he had done. He cried and told me, "Mommy, I so sorry I touch that lamp." It turned into an incredibly tender moment between us with lots of hugging and snuggling, and me telling him I loved him very much, and felt like a huge parenting win. I don't get many of those, so I'm so grate*full for it.

2. that we got to watch my friend Niki's kids, Hannah and Lily, today.

3. for the donation we got to the Everybody Can Play Music Collective today from my friend Rebecca. Three composition notebooks and $21 to purchase lesson books for three students!

4. that the Mets pulled out a dramatic come-from-behind victory against the Marlins, tying the game twice and going ahead for the first - and last - time in the bottom of the 8th. Beautiful game!

5. For the amazing response of my friends to a post yesterday that I put up on Facebook.


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