Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Days of Gratitude

From April 16, 2014:

Today I am grate*full...
1. that the roads weren't slippery.
2. for my garage because I probably would have had to scrape my car without it this morning.
3. for $.20 off per gallon at Tops this morning.
4. for early morning snuggles and loves with the kids.
5. that Laurie is working the next two days! It will be decidedly less lonely. (It was.)

From April 18, 2014 (10 gratitudes because I didn't write any yesterday) I am grate*full:

1. That I get to watch the Mets on TV.
2. That Melanie's tee ball skills are getting better.
3. For our amazing babysitters.
4. That my daughter is such a good reader.
5. For new GoFundMe donations this week.
6. For new raffle donations.
7. For the time I've spent with my current piano student.
8. For the swingset we're getting (for FREE!) from friends.
9. For being able to kvetch to my BFF.
10. For long conversations with my two-year-old


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gratitudes April 15, 2014

"Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality." ~Alfred Painter

Today I am grate*full...

1. That I'm getting my handicapped tag. He's put me down for a temporary one, so I'm going to have to renew it every six months, but it will be OK. I know from renewing it when I was pregnant that it's not that hard. The hard part is getting to the Southport Town Hall from Corning before they close LOL. And in six months, that won't be an issue. And Ortho God is still Ortho God :)
2. That I'm getting relief in both knees after the cortisone shot to the right knee. I need to go back and have both knees done in August and have them done much closer to one another. A month in between is too much. So I'm going to call and make the appointment today.
3. That my t-shirt design is done and I'm getting my t-shirts!!! I'm so excited!
4. That WE GOT OUR FEDERAL TAX REFUND FROM 2012. On Saturday we got a notice stating that they couldn't process previous years' tax returns via direct deposit so we would be getting a paper check in 3-4 weeks. Yesterday WE GOT IT! Like two days later.
5. That our babysitter was totally chill about not babysitting for pay for a while. Our original agreement was that she would sit through the cold season for an hour a day while John went to get Melanie from the bus stop so he didn't have to drag the littles out in the cold. Now it's warming up and we don't really need her every day because as long as it's nice outside John can take the littles with him in the wagon. (He even built a shelf for the car seat that attaches to the back of the wagon...he is so handy.) So I told her we have several events coming up that we'll need her for...the recital, the Past Commander's dinner at the American Legion, and the CFA Farewell, as well as corralling Marc during Melanie's tee ball practices. And to be on call for texts on rainy days or days that the weathermen said it might rain/pour. But the cash reserves I was paying her out of are dried up. And I still have one more short paycheck coming because I had to take some unpaid time off when I had strep :(. I was grate*full to get the tax refund so I could pay some bills...cable, phone, and trash. So I'm grate*full that she was so cool about it. She is an amazing babysitter and she says she still wants to come over just to hang out with the kids even if she's not getting paid every time. So we agreed that I would keep a calendar with what dates she's getting paid for and provide her with a copy.

By the way, I am NOT grate*full for allergies.

Have a lovely day, gentle readers!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Gratitudes 4/13 and 4/14/14

Yesterday I was grate*full...
1. for warm, loving, imaginative, crazy smart children. Who are beautiful too.
2. for a dear, hard working, handsome, amazing, brilliant husband.
3. for beautiful weather.
4. for medication that helps me get through the day.
5. for coffee.

And today I am grate*full...

1. for quiet in the office.
2. for leftover pizza.
3. that I am still somehow pulling a B+ in my online course. (Let's not talk about the independent study one.)
4. for my friend Chris who made an amazing tee shirt design for my recital.
5. for the people at Steuben ARC who are going to make my tee shirts!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gratitudes 4/12/14

Today, 4/12/14, I am grate*full...

1. for the beautiful weather.
2. for naps.
3. for Monica and Lethia, our amazing babysitters.
4. for a friend being willing to handle something on my terms.
5. for time to practice and time to study.


Gratitudes 4/11/14

On 4/11/14, I was grate*full...
1. That I don't have school.
2. For early morning snuggles with the kids.
3. That I cleared the air with a friend.
4. For Gertrude Hawk mini dark chocolate mint cookies. OMG they're delicious.
5. For Drake's cakes.


Catching up Gratitudes 4/10/14

I had 35 gratitudes to make up for this day. So on 4/10/14, I was grate*full...

1. That spring seems to indeed have sprung.
2. For clean water to drink.
3. That my father-in-law gave us money for gas for John going up to fix his toilet seat last night.
4. That I got my chocolate I ordered from the PTA fundraiser.
5. For Laurie Ann Palmer Virkus, seriously the most awesome office mate.
6. For people who help me with my stuff and with doors while I'm on my crutches.
7. and 8. For a couple of work-related things about which I can't post details.
9. For FlyLady's "I'm So Proud of You" pencils.
10. For my Madonna station on Pandora.
11. For a park/playground so close to our house.
12. For something work-related about which I can't post details, but is different from numbers 8-9.
13. That I don't have school tomorrow.
14. That I can go knit with my friends in Big Flats tomorrow.
15. For crutches.
16. For Ortho God.
17. That I got my duplicate pay stub in time to get it into my SNAP worker for my periodic report.
18. That I did turn out to be eligible for a fee waiver for my Schuyler County civil service application.
19. That Melanie's tee ball coaches are nice.
20. That in spite of several children hogging the big slide at the playground last night, Marc was able to go down it several times.
21. For other people's dogs, particularly the Bassett hound and pit bull I got to pet last night.
22. That my brother got his cast off and is back to work.
23. For 80s music.
24. For chocolate-covered espresso beans. OH YES for chocolate-covered espresso beans. These are the most amazing chocolate covered espresso beans.
25. For my friend Gloria.
26. That I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow at Express Employment Professionals. Whoo-hoo! We are on the ROAD people.
27. For food from the Woodhouse.
28. For the beautiful weather we appear to be having today.
29. For third bus runs.
30. That my congestion in my nose finally appears to be clearing up.
31. For these mini dark chocolate mint cookies. OMG.
32. For something work-related about which I can't post details.
33. For the awesome stuff from Joss and Main. I can't afford most of it, but it's fun to look at.
34. and 35. For two work-related things about which I can't post details, but about which I'm pretty happy.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gratitudes 4/3/14

Today I am grate*full...

1. That a light jacket was enough.
2. That the t-shirt quote was very reasonable.
3. For Jamoca Almond Fudge iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
4. For enough gas in my car to last until I get paid (I hope).
5. That I took Melanie to the doctor yesterday!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Six Days of Gratitude

So, friends, today, I owe you 30 gratitudes...I have been horribly sick, we couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was still coming to work because I was out of paid time sick time, no personal nothing. Finally, on Friday, I decided I had had enough of it, and went back to the walk-in clinic and found out what I could have told them two weeks before...I had strep throat, just like my kids did.

So today, April 2, 2014, I am grate*full...

1. That my boss was amazing through this whole process of finding out what was wrong, having to stay home, agonizing over whether or not to come in...
2. For my doctors, who did the best they could with the information they had.
3. That my aunt is a cell biologist and has been warning me about superbugs for 20 years. If she hadn't, I would have been more angry that they hadn't thrown an antibiotic at this sooner.
4. For my amazing office mate who held down the fort when I had to be out sick.
5. That my over-precocious five-year-old can read, and, while I was suffering thinking I had viral laryngitis, I was able to communicate with her by writing down what I wanted to say.
6. For Pandora.
7. For Dark chocolate M&Ms.
8. That we're getting a giveback snowday on April 11 and I actually don't have to come in that day (I thought I did). (For the love of God, I'm going to knit that day.)
9. For the song "Breathe (2 AM)" by Anna Nalick.
10. For Sucrets.
11. That now that I have the right diagnosis and am on proper medication, I am starting to feel better.
12. For Kleenex tissues.
13. For hand sanitizer.
14. For Lysol wipes.
15. For my husband, who does our dishes and washed my coffee mugs.
16. For the beautiful braided hats that my friend Brenda makes, that look so cute on my baby daughter, and will hopefully fetch a pretty penny at my tricky trays raffle next month.
17. For Rachael's smiles.
18. For Melanie's quick wit.
19. For Marc's imagination.
20. For Tylenol.
21. For clean water to drink.
22. For the roof over our heads.
23. For my job.
24. For Friends (aka Joey Show) on DVD.
25. That my candy sales are going well.
26. That my energy is coming back.
27. That the weather is sunny today.
28. That spring seems to finally have sprung.
29. For a decent parking spot this morning even though I was running late.
30. That the pile in my folder of things to file is getting smaller.