Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gratitudes April 15, 2014

"Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality." ~Alfred Painter

Today I am grate*full...

1. That I'm getting my handicapped tag. He's put me down for a temporary one, so I'm going to have to renew it every six months, but it will be OK. I know from renewing it when I was pregnant that it's not that hard. The hard part is getting to the Southport Town Hall from Corning before they close LOL. And in six months, that won't be an issue. And Ortho God is still Ortho God :)
2. That I'm getting relief in both knees after the cortisone shot to the right knee. I need to go back and have both knees done in August and have them done much closer to one another. A month in between is too much. So I'm going to call and make the appointment today.
3. That my t-shirt design is done and I'm getting my t-shirts!!! I'm so excited!
4. That WE GOT OUR FEDERAL TAX REFUND FROM 2012. On Saturday we got a notice stating that they couldn't process previous years' tax returns via direct deposit so we would be getting a paper check in 3-4 weeks. Yesterday WE GOT IT! Like two days later.
5. That our babysitter was totally chill about not babysitting for pay for a while. Our original agreement was that she would sit through the cold season for an hour a day while John went to get Melanie from the bus stop so he didn't have to drag the littles out in the cold. Now it's warming up and we don't really need her every day because as long as it's nice outside John can take the littles with him in the wagon. (He even built a shelf for the car seat that attaches to the back of the wagon...he is so handy.) So I told her we have several events coming up that we'll need her for...the recital, the Past Commander's dinner at the American Legion, and the CFA Farewell, as well as corralling Marc during Melanie's tee ball practices. And to be on call for texts on rainy days or days that the weathermen said it might rain/pour. But the cash reserves I was paying her out of are dried up. And I still have one more short paycheck coming because I had to take some unpaid time off when I had strep :(. I was grate*full to get the tax refund so I could pay some bills...cable, phone, and trash. So I'm grate*full that she was so cool about it. She is an amazing babysitter and she says she still wants to come over just to hang out with the kids even if she's not getting paid every time. So we agreed that I would keep a calendar with what dates she's getting paid for and provide her with a copy.

By the way, I am NOT grate*full for allergies.

Have a lovely day, gentle readers!


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