Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catching up Gratitudes 4/10/14

I had 35 gratitudes to make up for this day. So on 4/10/14, I was grate*full...

1. That spring seems to indeed have sprung.
2. For clean water to drink.
3. That my father-in-law gave us money for gas for John going up to fix his toilet seat last night.
4. That I got my chocolate I ordered from the PTA fundraiser.
5. For Laurie Ann Palmer Virkus, seriously the most awesome office mate.
6. For people who help me with my stuff and with doors while I'm on my crutches.
7. and 8. For a couple of work-related things about which I can't post details.
9. For FlyLady's "I'm So Proud of You" pencils.
10. For my Madonna station on Pandora.
11. For a park/playground so close to our house.
12. For something work-related about which I can't post details, but is different from numbers 8-9.
13. That I don't have school tomorrow.
14. That I can go knit with my friends in Big Flats tomorrow.
15. For crutches.
16. For Ortho God.
17. That I got my duplicate pay stub in time to get it into my SNAP worker for my periodic report.
18. That I did turn out to be eligible for a fee waiver for my Schuyler County civil service application.
19. That Melanie's tee ball coaches are nice.
20. That in spite of several children hogging the big slide at the playground last night, Marc was able to go down it several times.
21. For other people's dogs, particularly the Bassett hound and pit bull I got to pet last night.
22. That my brother got his cast off and is back to work.
23. For 80s music.
24. For chocolate-covered espresso beans. OH YES for chocolate-covered espresso beans. These are the most amazing chocolate covered espresso beans.
25. For my friend Gloria.
26. That I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow at Express Employment Professionals. Whoo-hoo! We are on the ROAD people.
27. For food from the Woodhouse.
28. For the beautiful weather we appear to be having today.
29. For third bus runs.
30. That my congestion in my nose finally appears to be clearing up.
31. For these mini dark chocolate mint cookies. OMG.
32. For something work-related about which I can't post details.
33. For the awesome stuff from Joss and Main. I can't afford most of it, but it's fun to look at.
34. and 35. For two work-related things about which I can't post details, but about which I'm pretty happy.


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