Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gratitudes 7/15/14

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today I am grate*full...
1. for my oDesk job.
2. for my unemployment payment.
3. for the stinkface. (for those who haven't read before, the stinkface is a funny face that Rachael makes)
4. for my little house.
5. for my electric and natural gas.
6. for my cable and internet.
7. that Marc is getting so good at peeing on the potty. We need to check him and see how he does with pants today.
8. for my friends who have birthdays today, but mostly for my friend Brandy, who has been my friend since kindergarten! I still remember her calling our teacher and saying, "Mr. Marks!" (even though she was a Mrs.)


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