Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gratitudes 7/21-7/22/14

“To receive, you must be active. Keep in mind your purpose. You will receive in direct proportion to your clarity of vision, your definiteness of purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.” ~ John-Roger

“Grace begins with gratitude, and the thankful heart flows abundantly while the spirit soars.” ~ Rita Said

Today I am grate*full...

1. that I'm getting to go to my knitting group again.
2. that I don't have to be pregnant again.
3. for the hilarity that ensued last night.
4. for fans. It's sooooooo hot today.
5. for Marc kisses.
6. for Dwayne Johnson. OMG that dude is hot.
7. for Valerian root.
8. for the TV in our bedroom.
9. that my work for Corning-Painted Post is now complete. Officially.
10. for my oDesk job.


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