Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gratitude from 7/25/14 forward

“Gratitude makes you a better, stronger, wiser person. Ingratitude makes you a negative, angry, miserable person. Which person do you choose to be?” ~ Comic Strip Mama

“Find gratitude in the little things and your well of gratitude will never run dry.” ~ Antonia Montoya

“We have so much for what to be grateful and if we thank for it, we will have even much more.” ~ Victoria Vorel

"Keep a gratitude list." ~ Steve Maraboli

“Of course gratitude should be expressed...But that does not mean to kill your self-esteem.” ~ Deepika Muthusamy

“Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies.” ~ Charles W. Jefferson

Friday/Saturday I was grate*full...

1. that the Mets won last night (Friday).
2. that John cut Marc's hair and it looks so handsome!
3. for open-mouthed super-slobbery Rachael Evalyn Courtney Shook kisses.
4. that the Skype interview went well yesterday.
5. for how cute Rachael looks in her little swimsuit.
6. for the anticipation of a fun day spent with good friends.
7. that the weather seems to be cooperating.
8. for the people that kept me updated on the game via Twitter.
9. that we were able to brush Melanie's hair this morning with very few tears.
10. how handsome John in his An Evening of Song t-shirt.

Today I am grate*full (and I owe have I gotten so far behind?!)...
1. for Rachie snuggles.
2. for not having a job to go to so I can take time to recover from being sick.
3. for the interview I have on Monday.
4. for Monica and Lethia helping me with the kids in the store tonight.
5. for them coming over tomorrow to watch them while I work.
6. that the Mets won 11-2 today over the Phillies.
7. that I'm starting to feel better.
8. that I was able to get my Prilosec
9. and I was able to get gas for my car.
10. for ice cream.
11. for clean water to drink.
12. for a life free from religious persecution.
13. for the services offered at Workforce NY.
14. for Edna, who knows why.
15. for a solution to a problem that we came up with yesterday.
16. for finding a lost article.
17. for FlyLady.
18. for Maria, the secretary at my daughter's school.
19. for my to-do list.
20. for my husband, to whom I do not give nearly enough credit.


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