Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gratitudes from 7/31-8/3/14

“Petronius was surely right in saying Fear made the gods. In primitive times fear of the unknown was normal; gratitude to an unknown was impossible.” ~ JM Robertson

“An ancient cornerstone of prayer is that our desire to thank God is itself God's gift. Be grateful." ~ Richard Leonard

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” ~ John Henry Jowett

“In life, as in knitting, don't leave loose ends. Take the time to thank the people who matter in your life.” ~ Reba Liker

Today I am grate*full...
1. that the Mets won last night.
2. that Jacob DeGrom is an awesome pitcher.
3. that the Giants play tonight. FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA.
4. for warm drinks.
5. for my Keurig.
6. for Brandy Malone.
7. for my amazingly awesome new pixie cut.
8. that I got to give Melanie a piano lesson yesterday.
9. for mantras such as "Breathe and Pray." and "I am a magnet for miracles."
10. for the seven years I have spent married to my amazing husband.
11. that I'm getting ladybug toes today!
12. that I have my two oDesk jobs (for the moment.)
13. that my time in the red tent will soon be completed for another month.
14. that we got to spend an amazing day with friends yesterday.
15. that I got to hold an 8 month old identical twin baby yesterday.
16. for Rachie snuggles.
17. for amazing marriage examples like those of John's parents, my parents, my mom's bff, my godmother, and many, many friends.
18. for the constant reminder that I have to set good examples for my kids.
19. for how funny Marc is.
20. for Rachael's sweet baby open-mouth kisses.


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