Monday, August 25, 2014

Catching up the Gratitude 8/14 - 8/25

“I know what it is to have nothing and plenty. Always count your blessing and be grateful.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

“When the Altitude of Gratitude grows in Multitude with Certitude the World will perceive Beatitude” ~ Musab Faiyazuddin

“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else's fairy tale.” ~ Wale Ayeni

“[I] never talk about gratitude and joy separately, for this reason. In 12 years, I've never interviewed a single person who would describe their lives as joyful, who would describe themselves as joyous, who was not actively practicing gratitude.” ~ Brene Brown

“A sincere attitude of gratitude is a beatitude for secured altitudes. Appreciate what you have been given and you will be promoted higher.” ~ Israelmore Ayivor

“Let us never be afraid of innocent joy; God is good and what he does is well done; resign yourself to everything, even happiness; ask for the spirit of sacrifice, of detachment, of renunciation, and above all, for the spirit of joy and gratitude.” ~ Henri-Frederic Amiel

“It is not what happens to you or for you that makes you grateful. It's how you respond to what is happening, that shows your belief about gratitude.” ~ Sumner Davenport

“When we maintain a conscious connection with Gratitude, our presence will naturally radiate a certain beauty and undisturbed, inner tranquillity. Such individuals glow. All such individuals look beautiful and seem irresistible to those who value goodness. They have an attractor field of loveliness which, likewise, tends to bring out the beauty in other people.” ~ Donna Goddard

“Take note and give thanks for all the good things present in your life.” ~ Amey Hegde

“Only unconditional grace can transform a hardened heart into a grateful heart. Only a free gift can demolish any notion of quid pro quo. Only an utterly merciful act of love can fashion a new creation capable of love. As theologian Karl Barth puts it, 'As the beloved of God, we have no alternative but to love him in return.” ~ Mark Galli

“Gratitude bestows reverence.....changing forever how we experience life and the world.” ~ John Milton

“I may not be where I want to be but I'm thankful for not being where I used to be.” ~ Habeeb Akande

“You were formed inside a borrowed womb—a nourishing safe haven for months—then delivered through painful effort and sacrifice by a woman willing to give you the precious gift of life. That truth alone deserves your gratitude and respect.” ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

“Embracing an attitude of gratitude is nourishing to the soul. When we allow ourselves to be engulfed in gratitude, this abundant soul nourishment overflows to your relationships, careers, and day to day lives. Act in gratitude today… If you are grateful to those you love, show them. If you are grateful to those who have helped you, show them. If you are grateful to your creator, to your family, to your friends, and you want it to be known, let it be shown!” ~ Steve Maraboli

Today I am grate*full...

1. for plenty of food to eat.
2. for clean, safe water to drink.
3. that my children are all with me and safe.
4. that my husband is alive and with me.
5. that I was able to sleep using just Valerian root last night. (I was good and tired. Giving the kids their baths definitely wears me out.)
6. The ability to sleep in while I'm unemployed.
7. The work I'm doing with the Collective. It feels like my true calling.
8. That it looks like we're going to be able to make rent this month. Yes, we should definitely make rent this month
9. for my pampering routine.
10. for my idea (inspired by FlyLady) to break my tub/shower into 5 zones for cleaning.
11. for the amazing tossed salad we had the other night with the fresh vegetables we'd gotten.
12. for the yummy sweet corn we got on Friday night.
13. that Mame is OK after the earthquake.
14. for my ability to write.
15. that John William Shook the Younger is doing laundry today.
16. that the tape on my laptop cord seems to be holding for now.
17. for the outing we had yesterday at Eldridge Park with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Athens-Sheshequin.
18. that the house is cool this morning (it's going to be HOT later).
19. for the extra two hours of sleep I got this morning.
20. for Friends (aka Joey Show) on DVD.
21. for the Today show.
22. that my three-year-old told me about the mess in his pants before it got too gross.
23. that it's supposed to be dry for the next couple of days.
24. for smart kids who amaze me and make me laugh every day.
25. for the life of my sister, Linda, who celebrates her birthday today.
26. for how she inspires me.
27. that I saw my friend Kevin for the first time in MONTHS today...maybe even over a year.
28. for the pleasant surprise I got today when I opened up my NYSEG bill! (Those are HIGHLY unusual LOL.)
29. that I took Melanie to the doctor to get to the bottom of her knee pain.
30. that I got a promotion at one of my oDesk jobs!
31. for my precious baby Rachael Evalyn Courtney Shook, on her first birthday, which was last Thursday, August 21.
32. for the roof over my head.
33. for our electricity.
34. for the idea for the First Wednesday Potluck.
35. for coffee.
36. for the song "Good Morning" by Mandisa.
37. for the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and its many and varied covers.
38. for the song "I Believe in You" by Amanda Marshall.
39. that I had a job interview last Thursday.
40. that I got the Everybody Can Play applications mailed out yesterday.
41. that we're going to get this company incorporated by the end of September.
42. for Steve Seaberg, who inspired the First Wednesday Potluck
43. for the Wellness Self-Management Personal Workbook.
44. for fans.
45. for warm showers.
46. for cortisone.
47. that I have now gotten both my cortisone shots and I'm good until December (or for a couple of weeks, who can tell? But I'm good for now, and my knees feel decent and I'm not in ridiculous pain).
48. for the job interview I had last Monday.
49. that by the end of this week (I hope), we'll have enough money for the rent (this one bears repeating).
50. those moments when I get so lost in the music I turn into a transdimensional space goat.
51. for my friend Toe who posts this wacky shit like transdimensional space goats.
52. that I'm getting my cortisone shot tomorrow (this one was from August 17).
53. that I already have an appointment to get the other knee done (also from August 17).
54. for my oDesk jobs.
55. for Google searches for prayers.
56. for my printer.
57. for Valerian root.
58. that I got to work for Alameda yesterday (this was from August 14).
59. that Savannah's baby is here!
60. that we got all three kids to bed by 9:00 last night (also for August 14).
61. for my ladybug toes.


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