Wednesday, September 22, 2010


apparently recently there has been a recall of similac formula. they found bugs in it. i am as grossed out about this as anybody.

but i have a lot of friends who consider themselves "lactivists;" people who are advocates for breastfeeding, and i'm really put off by their comments about this. i think it's really snotty to say things like, "just saying, but breastmilk has never been recalled."

i support breastfeeding and believe that breast milk is the best possible nutrition for a baby. but as a mother who is unable to breastfeed due to being on medications that would cross into my milk, i am offended by the insinuation that mothers who choose to formula-feed for whatever reason somehow are inferior as parents. i mean, since i am physically unable to breastfeed, i suppose i should make arrangements to abort the child i'm currently carrying and immediately be sterilized.

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