Sunday, May 31, 2009

friday 5 and ? for sarkies...

Here are Friday, May 29th's Friday 5. I am, as always, indebted to the creative souls at

1. What is the longest you’ve gone between haircuts? nine months or so i think
2. What is the shortest hour of the day? aren't they all 60 minutes?
3. What is the longest line you’ve ever stood in? probably for midnight aka big blue madness @ uk
4. Who’s your shortest adult friend? courtney, i think
5. Who among your current friends have you known the longest? pete...we've known each other since we were four.

is anyone from sarkforum following me? have they taken the site down to do the upgrade? i'm getting that "no suitable nodes" message.

(wtf is a node anyway?"

more later...

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  1. Word from a Forum Sistah!
    (and your almost b'day twin...) ;)

    Blessed Be,
    Victoria SkyDancer