Sunday, November 7, 2010

an update to my previous post...

well, my family and i have had it with our unitarian fellowship.

and i need to inform that i'm also the pianist there. it's my responsibility to choose preludes, offertories, and postludes for each service, and play whatever hymns are chosen by whoever is organizing the service.

twice in the past month, i played no hymns because whoever organized the service was either playing them themselves, or preferred that we do them a cappella. that's a waste of my time.

earlier this fall, i got raked over the coals for not submitting my selections for prelude, offertory, and postlude early enough or in the proper format (i haven't used caps in e-mails or any online communication in about ten years).

and then last weekend, i got yelled at for not putting melanie in the nursery. and not only did i get yelled at for it, when she said she wanted to stay with mommy and i told her i was sorry, i got a phone call from the RE coordinator telling me that i was reflecting badly on the nursery program by telling her i was sorry she had to go back there. when i explained that i was responding to her request to stay with mommy, she said, "well, do you really expect to be with her 24/7?" wtf? she's hardly with me at all during the week because i'm so busy with school. when she can see me, she wants me. when she can see me and can't have me, she gets some separation anxiety.

now long before the phone call, i had decided that melanie would stay home this sunday because i thought it best to subject her to the separation anxiety only once, when we left the house. after the phone call, i had decided that i was going to go worship at st. mary our mother, around the corner from our house. going there felt like home. it felt so good. so i'm going to go to the 8:30 mass there, and then go play at the fellowship. instead of my place of worship, it's now my workplace.

more later...

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