Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: a year of dreams in review

as we begin 2011, i thought it might be a good idea to review the dreams list i posted earlier in the year, and create a new one for this year.

my friend andrea who is running the creative dreams come true community e-group suggested that we focus on two goals for 2011. things we can really bring to fruition. i really liked the 100 dreams approach, though, so i'm going to stick with it and see how things go.

if i were to pick two goals, it would be building a savings and birthing a healthy child in may. focusing on these two goals has helped clarify some of the other dreams on the list :)

1. get pregnant~Well, I did this one! I originally discovered I was pregnant on May 4, and miscarried a week later. Then we kept trying, and on Labor Day, September 6, discovered I was pregnant again, and this one is sticking! I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow, and the baby, which the ultrasound seems to indicate (with a 90% guess from the tech) is a boy, will be born may 10.
2. heal my marriage~still an ongoing process.
3. get the rest of the seasons of friends on dvd (or deedle-dee as melanie says)~got 3-5. Will get 6 and 7 this semester, 8 this summer, and 9-10 this fall.
4. go back to work~did not get this one done, but have gone back to school in hopes of starting my own business in 2012.
5. build up a savings~was up and down with this one. Have established a consistent saving practice. Now just need to work on not raiding it for wants.
6. pay down my debt~got a start on this one; not a big start, but a start.
7. build up my marykay inventory~made progress.
8. attend a mets game at citi field~did not do this one; will be a dream for 2011
9. move out of my in-laws' house~did not do this one; we discovered that my in-laws have more needs that require us to be on hand. If we get our Gateways funding, will do this in 2011. If not, that's OK too.
10. practice meditation consistently~still a work in progress.
11. read daily~still a work in progress
12. get regular manicure/pedicures~made progress
13. go on a weekly date with my husband~need to keep this as a goal for 2011.
14. visit a state i haven't been to yet~did not do this one, and since our focus is building our emergency fund, will not be a goal for 2011.
15. plan a honeymoon with my husband~still a dream, but a goal for further down the line
16. get melanie potty-trained~made progress here. Still working on it.
17. build etsy inventory~no longer congruent with my life goals.
18. find piano students~i have two; working on building my studio
19. sample local finger lakes wines~goal for summer 2011.
20. create a raised-bed garden...vegetables and herbs~goal for spring/summer 2011.
21. create and sing in a band (or an a-cappella octet)~more of a back-burner dream.
22. volunteer at the horseheads animal shelter~shelter was too eerie.
23. learn to take great landscape photos~still a dream.
24. create inspirational retreats~not sure this is congruent with my life goals anymore.
25. attend celebrate your life~still a dream
26. create an indoor herb garden~goal for 2011
27. create a meditation spot in the back yard~goal for 2011.
28. rebuild my collection of sark books~made progress here. Still working on it.
29. attend a sark event~still a dream, more of a back burner goal.
30. write a new book i'm thinking about. non-fic this time~can't even remember what this is.
31. give a weekly contribution to my church~getting closer. Currently giving a monthly.
32. give an annual contribution to a cause i deem worthy. Working on a list of charities that are important to me and giving a monthly contribution.
33. recover the songs i wrote that i lost on my old computer.~ work in progress.
34. visit aunt kay once a month.~need to work on this. Not sure if it's out of an actual desire to see her or of guilt. She did not sound good when I talked to her in October.
35. lead a creativity or inspiration workshop.~not sure this is congruent with my life goals anymore.
36. write a bio to accompany website and other internet postings for said creativity/inspiration workshop when i prepare it~will need something like this for my business.
37. write gratitudes daily~a work in progress.
38. keep morning pages every day~also a work in progress
39. learn photoshop~still a dream; as far as goals are concerned, more on the back burner now.
40. take a yoga class~started this and plan to re-take it in the fall; it made my morning sickness worse. Planning to purchase a prenatal yoga DVD.
41. go back to school~Done. With a 4.0 GPA!
42. attend new york football giants' training camp. Still want to do this next summer!
43. attend a new york football giants' game at the new stadium: still a dream!
44. go to lexington for final four weekend if uk makes the final four: still a dream, but won't be able to do it this year because i'll be too pregnant!
45. finish my novel: still not sure how to end either of them.
46. self-publish said novel: not congruent with my life goals.
47. win nanowrimo again.: couldn't do nano this past year with school and being pregnant. Felt completely OK with it.
48. plan a playdate with jess.: think I will invite all of them to baby Marc's baptism in June.
49. plan a playdate with tressa.
50. plan a playdate with earl.
51. plan a playdate with gail.
52. plan a playdate with joann.
53. plan a playdate with merideth.
54. get my guitar fixed: only after emergency fund is built.
55. find a local drumming circle: found one in ithaca.
56. buy a drum: only after emergency fund is built.
57. send regular snail mail: still a goal.
58. get phone service where i can call the us and canada for a flat rate: only after emergency fund is built.
59. become fluent in another language: still a dream.
60. get all my christmas decorations up by the day after thanksgiving: still a goal.
61. drink more water: work in progress and getting better at it!
62. get my pilots' license: need to lose a lot of weight first; putting this on the back burner.
63. memorize the gettysburg address: still a goal.
64. memorize my three favorite poems: did one. Need to work on the other two.
65. memorize the declaration of independence: still a goal.
66. learn which constitutional amendment grants which freedom (if i'm going to be indignant about terrorists trying to thwart the american way, i'd better at least know what the american way is, n'est-ce pas?): still a goal.
67. visit a national park: still a goal.
68. make my great-grandmother's cinnamon roll recipe: DID IT! Wasn't superb but I know I can do it now and I'll get better at it.
69. finish the knit/crochet projects i started for christmas presents for last year: still working on it!
70. take weekly spa showers: still a work in progress. Took a spa bath this morning after re-reading this.
71. learn to sew: still a goal
72. spend quiet time working on songwriting: still a goal.
73. write more music: wrote some more lyrics this year.
74. do arrangements for my octet: not sure this is congruent with my life goals anymore.
75. practice radical acceptance of myself as i am: still a work-in-progress
76. memorize the sigma alpha iota symphony: still a goal
77. join the uk alumni association: still a goal but not until our emergency fund is built.
78. join a sigma alpha iota alumnae chapter: DONE.
79. join acda: when emergency fund is built.
80. join dona: still a goal.
81. work on becoming a certified birth doula: still a goal.
82. practice emotion regulation: a work-in-progress, but daily morning pages and prayer are part of this and i've been doing that every day for about the past month.
83. do something everyday off the pleasant activities list: still a goal.
84. create a self-soothe kit: still a goal.
85. bake all the christmas cookies i want to in time for christmas: did better with this one this year; also still a goal
86. keep trying new recipes: also still a goal
87. stay active every mary kay quarter: definitely a goal this year.
88. attend mary kay seminar in dallas: a goal for 2012.
89. do a weekly artist date: still a goal.
90. keep full ink cartridges in my printer: still a goal; or get a new printer, after we build emergency fund.
91. establish an adult choir at my church: no longer congruent with my life goals.
92. create an image journal: will be doing an illustrated discovery journal for simple abundance this year, so this will be happening in 2011.
93. establish a routine of regular exercise: still a goal. Working on increasing walking and plan to do yoga 3x a week once I get the prenatal dvd.
94. crochet or knit daily: needs to be a goal.
95. visit the corning museum of glass: after emergency fund is built.
96. take anna and melanie to the strong museum in rochester: after emergency fund is built.
97. visit the corning/corelleware store in corning: still a goal.
98. try new local restaurants: after emergency fund is built.
99. stop relying on meds to help me sleep: still a goal.
100. practice keeping a positive outlook: still a goal.
101. reconnect with ned b. fleischer: still a goal.
102. rebuild my collection of sheet music: a work-in-progress, but on hold until after emergency fund is built.
103. take a glider ride at harris hill: have to lose a lot of weight first.
104. stop acting out of fear: still a work-in-progress.
105. stop living in fear: still a work-in-progress.
106. master knitting socks. (maybe wooden needles will help.): still a goal.

more later...

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