Tuesday, January 4, 2011

100 dreams...the 2011 version

a couple of these are marked "private" because they deal with helping my in-laws with things that i don't think they'd want to see plastered on the internet. thanks in advance for your understanding :)

1. Birth a healthy baby in May.
2. Continue working on open communication in my marriage.
3. Get the rest of the seasons of Friends on DVD.
4. Continue working toward my degree.
5. Continue to maintain excellent grades.
6. Build up a savings.
6. Pay down my debt~got a start on this one; not a big start, but a start.
8. Continue to build up my marykay inventory~made progress.
9. attend a mets game at citi field~did not do this one; will be a dream for 2011
10. Practice meditation consistently
11. Read daily - and something other than a daybook!
12. Get regular manicure/pedicure
13. Go on a weekly date with my husband
14. Plan a honeymoon with my husband.
15. Get melanie potty-trained.
16. Find piano students~i have two; working on building my studio
17. Sample local finger lakes wines~goal for summer 2011.
18. Create a raised-bed garden...vegetables and herbs.
19. Learn to take great landscape photos
20. Attend celebrate your life
21. Create an indoor herb garden
22. Create a meditation spot in the back yard
23. Rebuild my collection of SARK books.
24. Give a weekly contribution to my church
25. Tithe to charities I find worthy.
26. Recover the songs i wrote that i lost on my old computer.~ work in progress.
27. Visit Aunt Kay.
28. Write a bio to accompany website and other internet postings
29. Write gratitudes daily.
30. Keep morning pages every day~also a work in progress
31. Learn photoshop.
32. Take a yoga class.
33. Attend new york football giants' training camp.
34. Attend a new york football giants' game at the new stadium
35. Invite Jess, Tressa, Earl, Gail, JoAnn, and Merideth to Marc's baptism party.
36. Send regular snail mail.
37. Become fluent in another language
38.Get all my christmas decorations up by the day after thanksgiving
39. Drink more water.
40. Memorize the gettysburg address.
41. Memorize my three favorite poems.
42. Memorize the declaration of independence,
43. Learn which constitutional amendment grants which freedom.
44. Visit a national park.
45. Finish the knit/crochet projects i started for christmas presents in 2009.
46. Take weekly spa showers.
47. Learn to sew!
48. Spend quiet time working on songwriting.
49. Write more music.
50. practice radical acceptance of myself as i am: still a work-in-progress
51. memorize the sigma alpha iota symphony.
52. Join DONA.
53. Work on becoming a certified birth doula.
54. Practice emotion regulation
55. do something everyday off the pleasant activities list.
56. create a self-soothe kit.
57. Bake all the christmas cookies i want to in time for christmas.
58. Keep trying new recipes.
59. Stay active every mary kay quarter.
60. Do a weekly artist date.
61. Keep full ink cartridges in my printer.
62. Create an image journal.
63. Establish a routine of regular exercise.
64. Crochet or knit daily.
65. Visit the corning/corelleware store in corning.
66. Stop relying on meds to help me sleep.
67. Practice keeping a positive outlook.
68.. Reconnect with ned b. fleischer.
69. Keep working on not acting out of fear
70. Keep working on not living in fear.
71. Knit a pair of socks.
72. Go back to Weight Watchers. (eight weeks after c-section)
73. Get back up to 10,000 steps per day by June 1.
74. Attend an information session for Empire State College.
75. Get dressed to hair, face, and shoes every day. (Or, stop treating life like a dress rehearsal!)
76. Work on developing a consistent homeschooling schedule with Melanie.
77. (*private*)
78. Keep exploring my feelings regarding my family.
79. Keep working on re-establishing relationships with my family.
80. Read a book about the lives and times of Catholic saints.
81. Write a positive-themed blog post at least once a week.
82. Keep percolating on the idea of "The Courage to be Thin," either as a separate blog or a non-fiction work.
83. Continue to study and practice dialectical behavior therapy.
84. Stay out of the hospital after baby Marc comes home (ie, no psychiatric hospitalization this time).
85. Read the creating dreams come true blog every Friday.
86. Write a response to the creating dreams come true blog post every week.
87. Spend time with my BFF over Christmas break.
88. Keep up my 4.0 grade-point average.
89. Walk the Simple Abundance path.
90. Use a different daybook every year. (I have about a billion.)
91. (*private*)
92. Help Mom and Dad establish a budget.
93. Stop drinking Coke.
94. Be true to myself. In all my splendidness. In all my imperfectness.
95. Read "Be Here Now," by Ram Dass.
96. Stop letting TV schedules dictate my life.
97. Give up going out to eat for Lent (other than eating on campus).
98. Get a prenatal yoga DVD.
99. Teach Melanie the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary.
100. Take Melanie to Catholic church with me.


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