Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gratitude 11/13/13

1. Today I am grate*full that my husband drove me to work. OMG, the roads were so bad. There were wrecks both on 352 and I-86, and they made many of my beloved colleagues late. It was horrible.

2. I am grate*full for my co-worker Terry. She knows why. ;)

3. I am grate*full that I ran into my friend Matthew last night at Walmart. I haven't seen him since our graduation from CCC in May (that should be criminal, really). It made a trip that I was totally dreading absolutely worth it.

4. I am grate*full for my co-worker Cindy in Tech Services, who enabled me to print reports from an important program :)

5. I am grate*full for Christmas music on Pandora.


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