Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OK so I only did gratitudes yesterday in my head. So today I wrote ten of them.

1. I'm so grate*full that I have Laurie back in the main office.
2. I'm grate*full that it's Hump Day. Hump DAAAAAAAY!
3. I'm kind of grate*full that my Giants jersey is in the wash, so I didn't have to take shit about it.
4. I'm grate*full for extra money to order lunch in from out and about.
5. I'm grate*full for French Vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts.
6. I'm grate*full for my friend Becca teaching me to order French Vanilla instead of Dunkaccino, because it saves me fifteen cents per cup of coffee.
7. I'm really really grate*full for the good mood I appear to be in today.
8. I'm grate*full to be able to use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. I cannot stand Internet Explorer.
9. I'm grate*full that as of today, this stupid cold has not knocked me flat to a point where I've had to miss work for it.
10. I'm grate*full that this pay period's payroll was relatively uncomplicated.
And that's 10! Whoo-hoo!


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