Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratitudes 11/18/13

Wow, I've gotten away from this lately. If I'm going to do a 365-day gratitude challenge on the blog, I need to be better about this.

(Yes, I said 365-day gratitude challenge. It's coming, ladies and gents. Be prepared.)

For today, these are my gratitudes:

1. I am so grate*full that I have robustly healthy children. I saw a piece on the news about a hospital that was destroyed in the typhoon in the Philippines, and they had a NICU and six of the babies in that NICU have now died because they haven't gotten aid that they desperately needed. I'm also grate*full for the agencies that help us since we're low income in this country. (Yes, we're low income, and I work a full-time job, and we still get SNAP benefits, Medicaid, and heating assistance).

2. I'm grate*full for the employees higher up than I who recognize that there's a learning curve to my job and don't treat me like the idiot I feel like I am when I screw things up. Not major things...just an e-mail that should have been sent to person A instead of person B, but still...

3. I'm grate*full to whoever cleaned up the coffee I spilled this morning. I went back to clean it up and it was magically clean.

4. I'm grate*full to my friend Jen, who doesn't judge me, even when my heart is bigger than my brain.

5. And finally, I'm grate*full to my ESC mentor. ALL my work has been late this semester, but it's been quality, so she's overlooked that it's late.


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