Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gratitude 11/12/13

1. I'm grate*full that it's 11/12/13. I just love writing that. There's something so...orderly about it. I don't have OCD or anything, but I LOVE when the dates align like that. It's so cool.

2. I'm grate*full for the faculty and staff that I work with in the school where I work. I'm sure there's a misplaced modifier there because of all the prepositional phrases, but I hope the sentiment is clearly conveyed. CFA has an awesome faculty and staff.

3. I'm grate*full for my quiet rides to work. This morning, they yielded a couple of major ideas, both for a 2014 project, and a Lenten sacrifice.

4. I'm grate*full for technology. As much as I complain about it, it really does enrich my life. I read my textbooks (and save money on their purchase) on my Kindle. I keep in touch with many friends with whom I would have fallen out of touch via Facebook, and have made many more friends than I ever could have hoped via the various incarnations of SARK-related message boards. I listen to music I really enjoy on Pandora.

5. And I'm grate*full for a working vehicle, enough food to eat, SNAP benefits to pay for said food, and a full-time job with which to bless my family.

Elizabeth 11/12/13 (writing that makes me giddy LOL)

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