Thursday, June 11, 2009

i've been sick

ugh. i have been letting my depression really get me down this week and almost landed in the hospital. but the good news is, i've been listing something every day. last night while dad, john, and melanie were gone to the pioneers' game, i made four pair of earrings, one cranberry, one pink, one rainbow variegated, and one (crap i know i made four and i'm not looking at them right now...) red. the fourth pair was red. i still need to weave in the yarn ends, secure them with a dot of hot glue, and put in the pearls/pins/backs. i'll work on that after i get done updating y'all :D

but the good news in all of this is that our yard sale (part yard, part yart) is saturday, and i'm hoping to sell some crocheted, some mary kay, and ALL the sale items. we got signs today (thank you $30 scratchoff ticket) and i'm gonna put them up tomorrow. it's supposed to freaking rain again tomorrow so we won't be able to even bring the stuff over until saturday. BLOWS!

i also FINALLY got my printer hooked up to my when i get my business card designs i can actually PRINT THEM!


more later~

ps~ i know i haven't been doing shop of the day lately...i'll get back to that starting monday I PROMISE!!!!!

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  1. No worries, will all come together in perfect divine timing. :-)

    Blessed Be,