Friday, June 5, 2009

*sigh* bit of a gloomy gracie today :(

Today I'm working on a potholder to match the three dishcloths I've made this week. We're having a birthday party for my daughter (her first birthday was May 19) tomorrow, so things are super busy. A lot of seasoned Etsians are suggesting we newbies re-list our items if we aren't getting good sales. Well, I really can't afford to do that. I can only afford to list items once, and hope that as I list new ones, shoppers will want to look at the rest of the shop.

I followed some suggestions from an e-mail I got yesterday about twittering. I'm following people like crazy, hoping for more followers so that I can tweet about the shop. (it's if you're interested btw).

I'm hoping to have the new kitchen set (3 dishcloths and 2 potholders) finished and listed by the end of the day on Monday. And I'm going to try to start posting pictures of my works in progress.

My husband has been cleaning up all my supplies in preparation for Melanie's party tomorrow. It was driving me so crazy I was tempted to tell him to just throw the whole lot of it out. Anxiety was ready to consume me. OMG I wanted to self-harm so badly. But I didn't. And now the anxiety is beginning to wane. Everything is finished and put away.

My brother will be here tomorrow – the ONLY person from my side of the family to attend my daughter's first birthday party – fine. I am so mad at the rest of them. Although in a sense, I don't blame them. I did cut them off for three years. But that doesn't mean that I stopped loving them. I did what I had to do to keep myself safe at the time. Their criticism was threatening to swallow me whole. It was almost literally a life-and-death situation. With the problems I'm having with anxiety, especially this week, it's kind of a good thing that a bunch of them aren't coming.

I just checked my new views on my items. Bleah. :(

more later...

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