Monday, June 15, 2009

i hurt...

...physically. i swear if there is something potentially dangerous within 500 miles of my daughter, she will find it, and try to eat it.

tonight, a thumbtack (?!) found its way into her crib, and i noticed it after bathtime, when i was reading her the eighth chapter of harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. i'm sitting in my husband's computer chair at the time. i find the tack, can't reach it, drag it closer with her blanket, pull the blanket up, and cannot find it. so i pull the blanket out of the crib and shake it. no thumbtack falls out. so i'm looking for the thumbtack on the floor, and...


the arm broke off the chair (i TOLD my husband not to put arms on this chair...he put it together from two chairs we had, and we got rid of the other one), fell to the floor, and i fell. i scraped my arm from my elbow to my shoulder on the computer desk. and i...sort of ended up sideways on the chair, the side of the chair splitting me in a place i did not need to be least, not by a chair... and was certainly NOT COMFORTABLE.

so my arm, ahem, area, back, and left hip are all really sore. motrin is going to be my friend before i go to bed.

i made a new dishcloth today...and i LOVE IT. it's my favorite pattern so far. pics to come tomorrow, and i'll be listing it later in the week.

i decided to make a schedule for my work.

sunday is the day that i make sure i have seven items to list for the week.
monday is the day i work on non-selling projects (a chemo cap for a friend with cancer, and more work on the afghan i'm making my niece to take to college, for example, is what i'll be doing, later today. i really didn't want to stay up this late.) calls.

more later~

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