Monday, June 29, 2009

pa/ny state legislators...


god, all this political posturing is pissing me off.

the pennsylvania state budget is due tomorrow.

if it doesn't pass on time, state employees (rank-and-file ones, of course, not the legislators themselves) might be forced to work without pay. when i think of my sister and cousin, both of whom are rank-and-file state employees, and their salaries suddenly being cut to zero, i see red. GAH! it makes me so mad!

and the senators in the NYS senate can't fucking get along! wtf? are we adults? or are we 3 and don't want to share our toys? no work has gotten done in the state senate for like 2 weeks because people can't decide if they're republicans or democrats and they're fighting over who's going to have the majority. one guy was a democrat, said he wanted to jump ship and be a republican instead, and then flopped back, and is a democrat now, which ties Rs and Ds at 31 each. so now it's a bunch of hand-wringing and "oh, no, what are we going to do? who's going to break tie votes?" grow a set and vote the way your constituents ask you to rather than sticking to the party line! GAH!

personally, i think legislators who don't pass budgets on time should be forced to give up their salaries and that money should be used to run the state until they can stop dicking around and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS!

and with this BS that's going on in NY, my husband says that all the legislators should be fired.

i think they should at least not be allowed to run for re-election.

hehe but they'd have to pass legislation for that to happen...and who's going to pass legislation that tells them they could lose their jobs?

maybe they should be fired.

maybe i should start a grass-roots campaign to vote out the incumbents who are wasting my time and tax dollars.

more later...


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