Thursday, June 4, 2009

new feature!!!!!!! and daily news LOL

i am very excited to launch a new feature today.

as my readers know, i recently opened a shop featuring my crocheted wares via well, i have come into contact with so many amazing artists, that i have decided to feature an "etsy shop of the day."

today i want to feature sarah at

she designs the most beautiful cards and flyers! she actually incorporated some of my work into the design she made for me. i have checked out the other stuff in her shop and it's beautiful. check her out!

As for actual work today, heh. four months ago, i applied for ssdi and ssi due to my depression and anxiety. and borderline personality disorder. on may 19 (my daughter's first birthday, i might add), i got a letter saying my claim had been disapproved. (denied...i could hear suze orman's voice echoing in my head LOL) so today, i met with a legal aid lawyer regarding the claim. it was grueling. we had to fill out form after form after form and then i had to tell him why i thought i couldn't work. i was thoroughly exhausted after we got done.

11:07 PM update...i finished the dishcloth and will probably do one round on the purple totebag i'm working on before i go to bed. i have my fiber arts group tomorrow.

hey my shop has a facebook page! become a fan at

more later...

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