Tuesday, June 9, 2009

finally, a new item...

i listed a pair of earrings in my shop today.


otherwise, it's been a very trying day. my therapist almost refused to let me go home from therapy because i admitted i had suicidal thoughts on sunday night after my father-in-law yelled at me about over-using the electricity when i have insomnia.

today, i find out (he tells my husband) that he doesn't really care about the utilities, he just can't sleep when there's activity going on in here. which i can totally respect, albeit not understand.

i finally convince my therapist that i'm not going to hurt myself when i go home, and she calls my husband to come down and get me because i'm in no condition to drive. from now on i'm going to make him drive me. i'm getting worse instead of better. but i don't deserve ssi according to the ssa...

anyway, i'm working on stuff that takes multiple days, but i'm going to keep making a pair of earrings per day while i work on the other stuff, so that i can get an item listed every day.

more later...

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