Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this oughta be a fun post LOL

omg i am so tired.

i don't know why. i took a nap today.

but i did have to get up after less sleep than i needed to go to group.
gotta love intensive outpatient therapy *eyeroll*

after therapy i went to my friend jennifer's. i bought her old spinning wheel off her :) :) :) i am SO EXCITED. i can MAKE MY OWN YARN!!!!!!!

i can learn how to hand-dye it...hand-spin it, ply it...

and then MAKE STUFF OUT OF IT!!!!!!


i finished the bag part of my totebag today. i just need to put the strap on it tomorrow and then it will be ready to be listed!!!!!!!

which is good, because i'm down to one item in my listing stash. oh, the horror.

i've decided that i really need two days to work on non-selling projects because they're really starting to pile up. christmas is a lot of the things i want to make for gifts i'm gonna need to get started on. plus i have to make two more chemo caps for beth, and finish the afghan i'm working on for my sun, mon, wed, fri, and sat are my working days. tue and thurs i'm working on non-selling stuff.

i put a bid in for a $300 commission to make all-purpose totebags for a girl in washington state...send out some good vibes that i'll get that :)

more later~

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