Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost a week's worth of gratitudes (from 2/12 forward)

"I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual." ~ Harry David Thoreau

So I have gotten way behind on my gratitudes lately. I don't have a good excuse. We had some bad weather that I had to drive through to get to and from work, which was horrible for my anxiety, and then I got violently ill. Circumstances. Conspiring against me.

In any event, I owe you 30 gratitudes so here they are.

1. Grateful for early morning snuggles with the Roodle.
2. Grateful to be here to make breakfast for Melanie.
3. Grateful that we still have some money in the savings.
4. Grateful for Rachie smiles.
5. Grateful to see how Rachie and her father interact.
6. Grateful that I talked to Michelle yesterday.
7. Grateful to have a day off from work but…
8. Also grateful to have a job.
9. Grateful for clean water to drink.
10. Grateful for the ability to begin again.
11. Grateful for the roof over our head.
12. Grateful for heat, cuz baby it’s cold outside.
13. Grateful for a Dunkin Donuts right around the corner with free wifi. Safe place to study with free wifi where I don’t have to be too far from the kids.
14. Grateful for my husband’s big heart.
15. Grateful for Joey Show on DVD.
16. Grateful for the presence of mind to recognize when someone’s trying to upsell me.
17. Grateful for money to buy vision board supplies today.
18. Grateful for the Olympics.
19. Grateful for the amazing Creative Dream Circle.
20. Grateful for lunch out with my girl.
21. Grateful for the sunshine today.
22. Grateful for the fantastic Project Purse Club women.
23. Grateful for my GoFundMe donors, most recently my friend Brandini.
24. Grateful for funny internet pictures.
25. Grateful that we have internet back at the house after an almost 24-hour outage.
26. Grateful that I didn't lose my cool when my sister-in-law called while I was over at my father-in-law's this morning trying to fix HIS TV.
27. Grateful for Jeopardy!
28. Grateful that I am mostly recovered from the myriad of viruses that plagued me over the weekend...a cold, a stomach bug, and a rash. The rash I'm going to have to have the doc look's an allergic reaction to a new brace I got for tennis elbow (which is hilarious because I have never played serious tennis in my life). The itchiness is all but gone but the rash itself doesn't seem to be clearing up.
29. Grateful for a week with no students at work, although I will miss the faculty and staff that are not there. Things are much less busy on a student vacation week.
30. Grateful for my awesome new sneakers.


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