Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eight Days of Gratitude

So I'm catching up my gratitudes today. I've been horribly ill over the past week or so and, by the time I got home, have barely been able to help take care of the kids and crawl into bed.

1. For Pandora.
2. For clean water to drink.
3. For hot tea.
4. For a colleague for going to get me soup from Wegman's.
5. For a local eatery that delivers because I'm freaking starving.
6. For Chloraseptic.
7. For Sucrets.
8. For quiet in the office.
9. For the Indigo Girls.
10. For Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land.
11. For naps.
12. For Eggs Benedict.
13. For the Woodhouse Stadium Grill.
14. That my name badge for work was in my purse.
15. That Rick Springfield used the word "moot" in "Jessie's Girl."
16. That the lump in my throat finally feels like a small marble!
17. That we seem to have someone interested in our copy of Windows 7.
18. That I figured out a way to get my to-do list even though I forgot my flash drive.
19. That I'm getting my steroid shot in my right knee on Monday.
20. That Marc now has enough pants that fit.
21. For my letter opener.
22. That the people from tech services were able to troubleshoot my monitor-upside-down problem the other day. Good Lord, that is freaky.
23. For my SARK's Journal and Play! book.
24. That I still have time left in the semester.
25. That we still had a credit on the NYSEG bill.
26. That it's supposed to be warmer outside today.
27. That even though I was late, I got a parking spot across the street.
28. That I didn't have strep.
29. For something work-related about which I can't post details.
30. That the sun is trying to come out.
31. For a colleague's pink sweater.
32. For the Goo Goo Dolls.
33. That my candy sales have been enough to recoup the cost of one full case of candy.
34. For a friend who doesn't want to publicly be mentioned by name. But I love her smile. It brings me joy.
35. That candy sales were really good last night.
36. For pay day!
37. For something work-related about which I can't post details.
38. For rainbows.
39. For my Melanie.
40. For my Marc
41. For my Rachael.
42. For my John.


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