Friday, December 27, 2013

A few clarifications/FAQ about the gratitude challenge...

1. When does it start?
The 365-day challenge starts January 1.

2. What do I have to do?
Commit to writing down 5 things you're grateful for every day. I'm going to post mine here on the blog. Feel free to post yours in the comment section, or link to your own blog in the comment section, or, if you feel like the things you're grateful for are too private to put in the blogosphere, then just put "did mine!" in the comments.

Also, if you're having trouble, post about that too, and I'll see what I can find to help you out. We're all in this together. It's a gratitude community.

Finally, once a week, on Fridays, I'll post a check-in to see how we're all doing, and what changes we might be noticing in our lives as we move toward, as my friend Tricia says, "living in active gratitude."

In addition, if you want to, if the spirit moves you to, please share the gratitude challenge with your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies...I would love to see this thing go viral.

3. What if I can't post in the comments?
Well, to be perfectly honest, one of my goals is to increase pageviews/subscribers to the blog, but I'll be cross-posting my daily gratitudes to Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to share there as well, if you can't post in the comments. And please share share share with those who might be able to post here!

With deepest thanks~


  1. Happy New Year! Today I am grateful for:
    1.My loving husband, Dave
    2. 7-month old Lily kitten, whose antics make me laugh!
    3. Great coffee!
    4.We begin 2014 debt-free
    5. Wonderful friends

  2. 1. Electricity!
    2. indoor plumbing
    3. New Ipad
    4. my car is in good running order
    5. People are enjoying my novel!

  3. Yay Peni! So glad to hear people are enjoying your novel. And way to go on beginning the year debt-free!


  4. 1. warm comfy bed
    2. great books to read!
    3.a full pantry and fridge
    4.plenty of gas in both vehicles
    5. nice neighbors

  5. Yes, I'm grate*full for many of those things too Peni. Good job! Keep it up!


  6. rats! almost missed posting today!!!
    1. having the house to myself gorgeous snow is in the sunlight
    3. listening to music as I drive around doing errands
    4. my evening glass of wine
    5. our nice paper boy

  7. shoot! i didn't remind you via e-mail. good job peni! keep it up! <3

  8. 1. when I smile at a stranger at the grocery store, she smiled back :)
    2. Skype!
    3. chocolate
    4. a good night's sleep
    5. my spindles and spinning wheel

  9. Today I am thankful for my five senses:
    3. Taste
    4. Touch
    5. Smell

  10. Today I am most thankful for:
    1. My warm home--I truly feel for those who are homeless especially in this bitter weather.
    2. I have plenty of books to read
    3. Ideas have been coming for the sequel and I've been productive working on it!
    4. I made it home safely last night after a night out with "the gals"
    5. Nice stranger held the door open for me at Starbucks :)

  11. 1. Bright (but cold) sunshine!
    2. Got good parking places everywhere we went today
    3. Our mail arrived before Dave left for work
    4. Had a great supper date with friend Kelly
    5. Computer didn't act up today!