Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gratitudes 12/18/13

Today I am grate*full...

1. For Christmas gifts from two of my colleagues, Judy and Debbie.

2. For my friend Kyle's mom. Months ago when we first found out we were being evicted from my father-in-law's house, Kyle sent me a Facebook message telling me that his mom wanted to buy Christmas presents for the kids. Thinking she was going to get one thing per kid, I said sure.

The woman did their whole Christmas. OMG. Five or six presents per kid. Plus stockings. Plus a box of food. The woman is amazing. Big love to her, Kyle, and Kyle's sister Harley.

3. I picked up the pictures for the Christmas cards I'm sending to my brother and sisters. They're each getting two baby pictures of Rachael from the hospital, one of Melanie's school pictures, and a picture of all five of us from Rachael's baptism. They came out beautifully.

4. I got an extension on some of my schoolwork, and I am so grate*full. (Yes, that's redundant, but it bore repeating.)

5. My dear and loving husband made dinner, took out the garbage, made himself a list, and got everything but two things done on it. He is a rock star and I love him.


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