Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gratitudes 12/12/13

1. As usual, I'm a numbers girl (which is funny...if you'd have asked me four years ago if I was a numbers girl I'd have given you a big HELL NO!), so I'm loving that it's 12/12. And I'm grate*full for that.

2. I'm grate*full for my faith. I just found out that a potential job opportunity that had presented itself did not pan out. And instead of beating myself up, I'm keeping faith that God has something better in store for me. Or at least that that wasn't the right opportunity.

3. I'm grate*full that I have a garage to keep our van in. I never have to scrape. That is such a joy.

4. I'm grate*full for my babies (you'll see me post a lot that I'm grate*full for my babies). Last night, I got home, and they were so happy to see me, and my five-year-old had even set up a tea party for me. She is such a sweetheart!

5. I'm grate*full for my husband. I don't post often enough about him. He does EVERYTHING to keep our house and children in order while I'm gone during the day, and I come home to a clean house, generally well-behaved kids, and a relaxed atmosphere. He's a great guy.


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