Friday, December 13, 2013

Gratitude 12/13/13

I'm gratefully anticipating this date next year when it will be 12/13/14, being the numbers girl that I am LOLOLOL...

Today I am grate*full...

1. Hoping I'm not posting this prematurely, I am pleasantly surprised by the quietness of the office this morning. I was prepared for a maelstrom of naughtiness today because there's apparently a snowstorm brewing out there. It's been flurrying on and off here, but I haven't seen anything major.

2. So grate*full I got to kiss my precious Marc good-bye before I left this morning. Most mornings, I leave before he wakes up. I didn't get to kiss Melanie; she was still asleep, but I'm focusing on what I'm grateful for.

3. I'm grate*full I got to see one of our teachers whom I thought I wouldn't get to see today. He's a good friend.

4. I'm grate*full for finally starting my Christmas cards this morning.

5. I'm grate*full that John cut the cuffs of my jeans off and they're not dragging on the floor anymore. I'm short, but high-waisted with a LOT of junk in the trunk, so if I get average length jeans, they're too short, and if I get the tall length ones, they're too long.


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