Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catching up the Gratitude

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~ Thornton Wilder

So I've been pretty good at keeping gratitudes on the journal (; it changes lives!) but not so hot at posting them here. So I am caught up through today. I have to write today's.

Today, May 1, 2014, I am grate*full...

1. for my early morning snuggles with Rachael.
2. that Marc is MATCHING PITCH when we sing together.
3. for my e-mails from the Positivity blog.
4. for Paul Simon's music.
5. that we got new SNAP benefits.

On Wednesday, April 30, I was grate*full...
1. I'm grateful that it wasn't raining too hard when I was driving to school :)
2. I'm grateful that Melanie didn't whine at me too much when I went to get her up for school.
3. I'm grateful that I have chocolate.
4. I'm grateful for my task scheduler on my Outlook.
5. And I'm grateful that this semester is almost over.

On Tuesday, April 29, I was grate*full...

1. That I have a job interview tomorrow.
2. For Courtney's support. I love my BFF! My bestie.
3. For enough food to eat.
4. For the roof over our head, that we can now pay for for another month.
5. That my t-shirts are paid for.

On Monday, April 28, I had three days to catch up, and I was grate*full...
1. for a colleague making me laugh.
2. for another colleague making me smile.
3. that my flowers still seem to be thriving.
4. that John got a job doing a new back porch for our friend Niki. We desperately needed the money for rent.
5. for something else work related and colleague related about which I can't post details.
6. for Monica for babysitting today and Lethia for coming over later.
7. for George Michael music on my Pandora.
8. That my friend (and Marc's godmother) JoAnn keeps posting her gratitudes day after day.
9. That I'm making progress on my Consumer Behavior project.
10. That I do my curriculum pull-out payroll in pencil. (I made a mistake.)
11. That we have a place to have OA meetings.
12. That I found some jewelry I wanted to wear.
13. That I found some jewelry to raffle.
14. That I only have two board meetings left until I'm off the board.
15. That I may soon have an end to a health problem I've been having. It's going to require a surgical procedure, but it's a short one, and a minor one, and will hopefully get me a LOT of relief.

On Friday, April 25, I was grate*full...
1. for sunny skies.
2. for early morning snuggles with my baby girl.
3. for payday Fridays.
4. for the supporters of the "Everyone Can Play" Music Collective.
5. that I don't need the typist classification to apply for the attendance secretary for summer school job.

On Thursday, April 24, I was grate*full...
1. That the potholes on South Walnut Street in Elmira have been patched.
2. That my father-in-law didn't have to go to the hospital after his FALL.
3. For something work related.
4. For my office mate Laurie.
5. For another colleague.
6. That Tim Bonomo, my former advisor from CCC and owner of the Palace Theatre in Corning, is going to donate a gift basket to the raffle for my recital!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday, April 23, I was grate*full...
1. That I got flowers from Jake and Michele for Administrative Professionals' Day.
2. For something work-related
3. That a work task didn't take me as long as it usually does.
4. For my sparkly white shirt.
5. That we're cleaning out and I keep getting school supplies. I love school and office supplies.

On Tuesday, April 22, I had 20 gratitudes to make up, and here they are:

1. For long talks and snuggles with Melanie.
2. For Pandora and my new Alanis Morissette station.
3. For my meeting with Jenica last night.
4. For going back to OA and seeing friends and meeting new people.
5. That I got to see some of my favorite Labor and Delivery nurses.
6. For Monica and Lethia.
7. That I found a bunch of tickets for the Friday show.
8. For Diane.
9. For my friend Allyson.
10. For Laurie, for helping me keep things in perspective.
11. That I got my therapy appointment rescheduled.
12. For the Beatles.
13. For having the opportunity to make up some of the time that I had to take unpaid. 14. For the House Fairy.
15. For clean water to drink.
16. For the roof over my head.
17. For my job.
18. For my rosary.
19. That I didn't have to wear tights today.
20. For coffee.


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