Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gratitudes 1/15/14

"Gratitude is not something idyllic that comes when all good things line up to be
counted. Gratitude is there all the time waiting to be focused on." ~Antonia Montoya

Today I am grate*full...
1. That I got to work safely. The roads got a little dicey as I got closer to work.
2. Once again, for the flexibility of the staff in this building. They are amazing as they roll with the punches.
3. For my SARK friends. I never would have read Wishcraft if it hadn't been them.
4. For Barbara Sher's groundbreaking book Wishcraft. Actually it was earth-shaking for me.
5. That I didn't stay up to watch the Wildcats lose last night. If I had stayed up until 11:00 to watch them lose on a buzzer-beater I would have been so pissed.



  1. Today I am grateful:

    1. For goal setting discussions full of support.

    2. That I got to spend time having a great discussion with a friend after not seeing her for a few weeks.

    3. For libraries.

    4. For the girls playing nicely together.

    5. For free resources that help me get things together.

  2. that twitter chat was pretty awesome! loving project purse club!