Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gratitudes 1/21/14

"Listening takes practice, and it takes patience. But I promise, if you listen, your
story will be better for it." ~Howard Gordon

Today I am grate*full...

1. for my garage. First of all, I'd have had to scrape snow off my car if we didn't have it. Secondly, the car warms up faster because it hasn't gotten as cold. I love having an attached garage!

2. for having an indoor job. I felt awful for the poor mail delivery person this morning! (It's nine degrees in Corning today and feels like -7.) Seeing Mark all bundled up made me really appreciate my inside job.

3. for WIC benefits. My son is lactose intolerant and we wouldn't be able to afford lactose-free milk for him if it wasn't for WIC. Hopefully by the time he's five and ages out of being able to receive WIC, we'll be making enough money so that we won't need it anymore.

4. for my study group with my friend Becca. A new semester starts today at Empire State College, and we are ready to go!

5. For Monica, our new babysitter.


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  1. Today I am grateful for:

    1. energy to clean. It wiped me out to do it but the house looks a little bit better.

    2. a shifting perspective. Simply looking at my to do list differently is helping me get more done.

    3. my youngest was full of hugs and kisses today!

    4. my friend and I split the driving for preschool and I only had to drive one day this week.

    5. hot tea to ease the sniffles.