Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gratitudes 1/28/14

"When you’re feeling grateful your mind is clear, and therefore you have access to your greatest wisdom and common sense. You see the big picture." ~Richard Carlson

Today I am grate*full...

1. for the sun, even though it's so terribly cold outside.
2. that we had a two-hour delay, so I got to extra-snuggle my Marc.
3. for the amazing women at Project Purse Club.
4. that I got a card yesterday from my dad's best friend, Al Topping. There was a cardinal on it.
5. for read.amazon.com that enables me to read some of my Kindle stuff without having my Kindle with me, because I forgot it at home this morning.



  1. I got so caught up in our Twitter chat last night that I forgot to come over here and post.

    I'm grateful for my husband. He has been gone for a few days for work and I'm realizing how much I appreciate everything he does.

    I'm grateful for friends who will talk me down when I'm stressing over the little stuff.

    I'm grateful that E's preschool doesn't close for the cold. (They will if the roads are bad but it is rare.)

    I'm stealing your grateful for sunshine. It does make this cold a little more bearable.

    I'm grateful for empty diaper boxes to pack up the clothes the girls have outgrown.

    I'm grateful for how few clothes we have had to buy for them because of gifts and hand me downs.

  2. That Twitter chat was fun!

    And steal away about the sunshine. I'm grateful that the sun comes into my office, because there are rooms in this building where it does not. <3