Monday, January 6, 2014

Gratitudes for 1/6/14

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." ~ Willie Nelson

Today I am grate*full...

1. for Becka at Wal-Mart. Becka is one of my favorite cashiers at Wal-Mart, and I look for her when choosing a line. Sometimes I will get into her line even when it's longer than some of the others because she's just so nice. Yesterday, my back was really bothering me so I used a mart-cart. It was cram-full, because I had gotten two cases of bottled water and set Rachael's car seat on top of it (don't worry, I was holding Rachael in my arms). I told Becka I was going to go park the mart-cart, come back with a regular cart and load up my stuff (usually I'm doing OK when I'm moving, it's standing still, like looking for items, or waiting in line that causes me pain, which is why I use the mart-cart). She said, "I can get someone to bring a cart over if that would help." I grate*fully said that it would and Jody, one of the customer service managers, got it for her. Then a man named Harry came over and said, "Do you need a carryout?" Apparently, Jody had paged him for a carryout. I was so grate*full.

2. for my friends on the job. Today was the first day the kids were back and all my teacher friends, as well as my wonder*full friend and office mate Laurie, were back from vacation. I had missed them terribly. I don't mind being alone in the office, but it was getting lonely, especially with high-anxiety-causing weather.

3. for FlyLady. I found her system of home management back in 2003 and I haven't always been able to follow it to the letter as much as I'd like, but I do try to keep a shiny sink at least. One of her tips that I love is "Put your things for tomorrow at the Launch Pad." Melanie's school says that as long as it's warm enough, they'll go out for recess so be sure the kids have appropriate clothing to keep them warm and dry. So I put her snow pants in her backpack, as well as a backup outfit in case her clothes got wet, and her shoes, because I told her that she absolutely had to wear her boots. I also made sure my to-do list and another item I printed out were in my backpack. It made the day start so much more smoothly.

4. for a snow day tomorrow! Both Melanie and I have one. It will be nice to stay home. And my husband is a little bit in the dog house with me right now, so he WILL let me watch Live! with Kelly and Michael, The Price is Right, and Days of our Lives (aka Days of Our Slime) tomorrow.

5. for my friend Ron, for following me to the gas station to make sure I didn't lose a tire yesterday. The tire pressure light came on in my car and I had no idea what I was doing to reinflate it.


Oh PS~Just found out one of the guys I used to tutor, Christian Johnson, JUST SIGNED A CONTRACT TO PLAY FOR THE ARIZONA CARDINALS!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for him!!!!!

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  1. Everything is still frozen here so we haven't left the house in days :-)

    Today I'm grateful:

    1. My friend made it to work safely last night and home again safely this morning.

    2. For little girl giggles.

    3. For hot showers.

    4. For even more family time now that my husband won't be travelling for work.

    5. For sleep - something I don't often get enough of so I'm grateful when I can feel rested.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth!

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. wool socks
    2. time to flounder around the internet trying to find answers to my techie questions
    3. leftover posole and just enough red chile
    4. day seven of daily tongue-kiss resolution
    5. all the love that flows between my family members