Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gratitudes 1/16/14

"Invite your heart to be grateful and your thank yous will be heard even when you don’t use words." ~Pavithra Mehta

Today I am grate*full...

1. that I have completed the crux of my first article response for my organizational behavior class.

2. that my friend Allyson is coming in to sub tomorrow!

3. that I'm going to have a Pampered Chef party at the end of the month.

4. for my beautiful great-niece Emma, whose eighth birthday is today. OMG where has the time gone? I was like, "Oh, no, she's not eight, she's only six," but then I remembered my Melanie is going to be six in May and I know Emma is older than her...

5. for the cuteness of my oldest daughter, Melanie. She is playing doctor and has to give me a shot, but she promises it won't hurt, it will only tickle, and if it starts to hurt, she will put extra ticklyness in it.


1 comment:

  1. Today was awful because I'm sick but a lot of gratitude has come out of it.

    1. I am incredibly grateful that my husband was able to drop everything and come home to take care of me and the girls.

    2. I'm grateful that we still had anti-nausea medicine because otherwise I may have ended up at the ER.

    3. I'm grateful that the medication stopped the vomiting and knocked me out for a few hours.

    4. I'm grateful for movie night with the family.

    5. I'm grateful for a comfy bed and pajamas.