Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gratitudes 1/4/14

Today I am grate*full...

1. That 17 years ago, my cousin Kathy gave birth to her now-sassy, spunky, completely adorable daughter Sarah. Happy happy birthday Sarah!!!!!!!

2. That we have a freezer and cupboard FULL of food. As much as we complain about how the US government wants to stick it to the poor at every opportunity, speaking as a member of the working poor, poor people in a LOT of other countries can't feed their families. Thanks to SNAP benefits, limited though they may be, I can. And I'm really grateful.

3. As always, I'm grate*full to my GoFundMe donors. Most recently, my friend Holly, whom I met freshman year at UK when we lived on the same hall. She once loaned me a pair of Aigner flats when I realized that I'd left my black flats home when I'd gone home for Christmas and needed them for a concert.

4. for my babies. My two older kids are really awesome kids with brilliant imaginations. And my baby is awesome too. The power of her imagination remains to be seen, but she is pretty darned cute and sweet and such a good baby.

5. That I made pizza for dinner, and it didn't suck. Sometimes I have a tendency to be Clark Griswold about my cooking. I get these amazing, Pinterest-worthy pictures in my mind, and it turns out that we end up at the threshold of hell. But this was somewhere middle-of-the-road. There were certainly things I could do to improve it, but it still tasted good.


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  2. I'm over from Project Purse Club. What a GREAT idea. Loved reading through these. Thanks for sharing! #pursepact

  3. Hi Jackie! Thanks for your support :)

  4. Mine for today:

    1. Receiving a membership to The Children's Museum and enjoying a day out.

    2. Neighbors who plow the street.

    3. Extra Bedrooms

    4. Lots of blankets

    5. The Indianapolis Colts pull out a Win!

  5. We watched that game was a great one!